Saturday, March 22, 2014

March of the Ponies: MLP Comics (Rarity One-shot)

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The micro-series comic reviews now continue with the issue I feel is best translated to television: Rarity's one-shot.

Why wasn't the B cover the main one, again?
This was a great effort from the team involved here. The art was show quality and the designs for the new, hippie characters were very imaginative. It made me wonder what kind of look a Pony Woodstock would have.

The very clear marijuana/LSD mannerisms from some of the supporting cast were not only funny but a welcome use of the non-Hasbro medium. My biggest complaint is that the issue didn't do enough with the art to give the story a psychedelic feeling.

What really makes this one-shot great is the story. It leaves plenty of chances at humor but ultimately remembers what it's supposed to be: a glimpse as to Rarity's character.

Rarity is easily the star of this issue, making each scene she's in memorable and showing the nature and ethics of her generosity. Heck, not only does this issue characterize Rarity properly, it characterizes Twilight better than her own one-shot did!

Overall, I have to grant this issue a 9.1/10. It was just an awesome ride from start to finish. I really hope this turns into an episode one day.

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