Thursday, March 20, 2014

Comic Book Reviews: Superman Unchained #6 and Blue Beetle #24

It's hard to believe, but after about six months of reviews I am finally finished with the 1980s Blue Beetle solo comic.

To check out my thoughts on the final issue, check out the audio above along with my thoughts on the plot of Superman Unchained.

As I said in the audio, though, Unchained has been frustrating me with its scattershot production schedule. Thing is, I have no intention of dropping it after reaching the 2/3 mark of the series. I intend to know how this title ends.

Thankfully, the quality is amazing as always. Even more amazing is that despite the high quality, it's still the lowest-rated new book I reviewed this week.

Superman Unchained #6 - 8.5/10

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