Thursday, March 20, 2014

Comic Book Reviews: Batman '66 #9 and Samurai Jack #6

Two of the best books on the market are in this blog, as Adam West and Burt Ward ride again in Batman '66! And Samurai Jack gets a visit from The Scotsman in the IDW Samurai Jack title!

New Book of the Month so far.
Due to the sheer volume of comic reviews I'm doing this week, I'll be largely audio-based here, but I will say that Samurai Jack has beaten this month's Action Comics as my book of the month so far.

The art once again hits show quality and is a great atmosphere setter, while the writing is witty and sharp. Heck, I'd say this was the funniest book I read this month, and that's with Batman '66 going on.

Not to say that Batman '66 didn't have great moments. Two minor villains were touched on in a strong issue that had great comedy in dialogue mixed with awesome artwork and bright coloring.

Overall, here are the ratings I gave:

Samurai Jack #6 - 9.6/10
Batman '66 #9 - 8.7/10

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