Saturday, April 12, 2014

March of the Ponies: Fan works (Music)

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Ok, so this won't be much of a blog post since music is not exactly my 'A' game, but I thought I'd give recommendations for some MLP fan-made songs that I found that were pretty good.

There won't be much in the way of commentary, so just give some of these a listen and enjoy the playlist I've created.

First up, a taste of the BASS CANNON!

Then, some Octavia:

Next, let's check out two famous Fluttershy mixes.

And the epic combination of both. Easily my favorite fan-made pony song.

Next, a remix of a canon song:

And then we have FIM songs. Here's the first set to really good CGI animation.

And a second, which is genuinely weird, but is really catchy and funny when put into the context of the episode.

Lastly, here is the song from fan-made episode Dusk's Dawn.

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