Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Comic Book Review: Batman Eternal #3

This was a good issue.

I really can't say much else. It's a 9/10. Ok, you want more? Let's talk the three plots in this story.

First, the Batman interrogation of Penguin was great and it was fun to see Batman and Alfred doing legitimate detective work. Also, I'm looking forward to this gang war between Cobblepot and the Roman.

Second, the Gotham Police Department had something to do, and the inner workings of what will once again be a corrupt organization will be a fascinating subplot.

Third and finally, the Stephanie Brown story... HELL. YES. I have been waiting for this character to return and I'm thrilled the origin of the Spoiler will be left almost totally intact. She's just as funny as before and I'm really looking forward to her role in this story.

Jason Fabok did the art this issue, and his detail, his paneling, etc. was on its A-game. He's definitely up there with Greg Capullo and Patrick Gleason for top Batman artist. I'm going to miss his work...

Anyway, the only reason not to buy this is if you don't plan to buy each week. This is great stuff.

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