Thursday, April 17, 2014

March of the Ponies: My Little Pony Season 1 review

[NOTE: Links to other March of the Ponies stories will go here as they are published.Part 1 - Abridged MLP historyPart 2 - Review of Lauren Faust's prior works, Part 3 - MLP Comics (TwilightRainbowDashRarityFluttershyPinkiePieApplejackCMCs/Celestia,Spike/LunaNightmare Rarity arc (main series)), Part 4 - Equestria Girls review, Part 5 - Fan-made episodes (Dusk's DawnDouble RainboomSnowdrop); Part 6 - Fan works (MusicDoctor WhoovesFriendship is Witchcraft/Mentally Advanced Series, Fanfictions), Part 7 - Season Reviews: Season 2, Season 3, Magical Mystery Cure, Season 4 (to date)]

It's finally time!

After A LOT of exploration of satellite areas of this show's fandom, the time has come to discuss the show that serves as its nucleus. It's time to talk about My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.

OK, so this audio looks kind of long, but I have a surprise for all of you: I am debuting a video review for this one. Yeah, my first voyage into video reviews will be the season reviews of this show. I'm as surprised as anyone. Check them out at the bottom of the page!

Because 26 episodes is A LOT to cover, I'm formatting it so that I only talk in serious detail about my bottom and top 5 episodes. The second of the three videos, which is the shortest and required the least amount of real work, has my pick for best and worst song, as well as some thoughts on other notable episodes.

Since I put as much effort as I did into the video, I'm going to just have my lists and some end-of-season awards in the text. You want more of my reasoning, check out the videos.

Anyway, to give you some exclusive content, here are my episode rankings from 1-26:

26Swarm of the Century
25Owl's Well That Ends Well
24Over A Barrel
23Boast Busters
22Green Isn't Your Color
21Dog and Pony Show
20Elements of Harmony (FIM Part 2)
19Show Stoppers
18Ticket Master
17Feeling Pinkie Keen
16Bridle Gossip
15Winter Wrap-Up
14Look Before You Sleep
13Call of the Cutie
12Stare Master
10Griffon the Brush-off
9A Bird in the Hoof
8Applebuck Season
7Cutie Mark Chronicles
6The Mare in the Moon (FIM Part 1)
5Sonic Rainboom
4Fall Weather Friends
3Party of One
2Suited For Success
1The Best Night Ever

Best Song: The Art of the Dress (Suited for Success)
Best Song Sequence: At the Gala (The Best Night Ever)
Worst Song: Evil Enchantress - Original version (Bridle Gossip)
Worst full-length song: Cutie Mark Crusaders theme song (Show Stoppers)

Funniest Episode: Party of One
Best Joke: "Were we arguing? I'm sorry." (Sonic Rainboom)

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