Thursday, July 17, 2014

Comic Book Review: Batman Eternal #15

I'll start with the score this week since there's only one title being reviewed: 8.0/10.

Ok, so since this is only one review, let me give you a look at how I think the four major arcs are going right now.

Crime War/Gotham PD

There wasn't much to this story this week, but the couple pages it got were interesting. Det. Bard is doing a solid job of taking out criminals by the book, and it has earned Batman's respect.

This should be an amazing scene, but it's somewhat underwhelming for me because the tension between Batman and Bard was only introduced one issue ago. I feel like it should have been held off a little longer to build a real sense of build.

Trial of Jim Gordon/Where in the World is Team Batgirl (Sandiego)?

Batgirl and Red Hood's exploits have led them to a lackey who is already being interrogated... by Batwoman.

Batwoman's debut makes sense for the purpose of Batgirl and Red Hood's purposes and the excuse as to why she's outside the country is... fine.

That said, this is just a tad too contrived for me to buy this. These three are REALLY in need of the same lackey? Unless Batwoman's investigation somehow ties in, and even then if that's the case she should have been built up ahead of time. Still, it's a nitpick.

Nanobot invasion/Harper and Tim

The only advancement here is an exchange between Tim Drake and Harper Row, and it's actually the best part of the book. I actually want to see more of this storyline, and I think Tim's investigation next issue will be really good.

I'm now counting the issues until we get the official debut of Bluebird, and I'm excited for it.

Arkham overthrown by supernatural Duela Dent

I am still largely against the supernatural being worked into this story, and I'm really leery of the use of Joker's Daughter/Duela Dent/crazy mask lady, but to this story's credit, they haven't botched it yet.

It feels a little mechanical and they seem to be hiding the reveal of what is happening, so I hope they have something good in store. (What constitutes a good reveal in the supernatural Batman genre? Well, hopefully it ties into the story.)

Overall, the writing is solid enough to advance the plot without blowing the story out of the water and the art is its usual amazing, so I still think it's worth the $3 cost of admission. That said, there are some holes that I hope get filled fairly quickly with sharp plotting, and Team Snyder seems to really have a plan here, so I'll gladly give them some goodwill.

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