Thursday, February 27, 2014

Comic Book Reviews: Samurai Jack #5 and Blue Beetle #21

The few direct showdowns between Jack and Aku in the show were some of the best choreographed fight scenes in the history of animation. So with the conclusion to the Threads of Time arc, the IDW Samurai Jack comic had a lot to live up to.

What we got was a rare fight that lived up to the hype.

Book of the Month for February
I think what really made this issue successful is that the series had initially been called a 5-issue mini-series, so part of me was curious to see if they'd really go through with Jack's ultimate victory. It led to an increased level of suspense the entire time.

The art for this issue was expertly done, although I would have loved to see a series of panels showing Aku's shape-shifts.

The story isn't much more than a fight scene, but given that we've waited the full series, years of hiatus and this whole arc for a showdown like this, I'd say it lives up to the hype and more.

I do think the conflicted choice they tried to give for Jack wasn't much of a choice, but nonetheless, it gave Jack one of his most badass moments. (And considering the tease for next month, he needed to be at his maximum level of badassery to keep up with his "partner.")

Honestly, this is a must-buy for anyone who wants to see a great fight in comic form or is just a person who followed Samurai Jack's show years ago. This is a title that needs to get big because it is great stuff.

I am granting it my Book of the Month status with a 9.5/10. Really, it'd be hard to compete with this issue with any storyline. Great stuff.

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