Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Comic Book Reviews: Batman '66 #8 and Birds of Prey #28

Batman '66 has been one of DC's best reads every month since it came out. Thanks to its ability to tie back into the original Adam West program, it's allowed for a campy, Silver Age Batman that isn't present anywhere else in the comic world.

But one thing the show had that only occasionally comes up in the comic so far is the appearance of TV-specific villains like Louie the Lilac or King Tut. While I'm still awaiting the arrival of Louie, King Tut finally debuted in this comic here in Issue #8.

Meanwhile, in the New 52, Birds of Prey had its official tie-in to Gothtopia and Black Canary is having her first encounter with the League of Assassins. The tie-in works around the main Layman "Detective" plot well and has me legitimately interested in seeing its conclusion next month.

My full reviews are in the audio, but here are my scores:

Batman '66 #8 - 9.0 (The plot makes no sense in the realm of its world, but geez, this was fun!

Birds of Prey #28 - 8.0 (A good tie-in that advances its own plot while filling some plot holes in the main Gothtopia story.)

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