Monday, February 10, 2014

Comic Book Reviews: Detective Comics #28 and Green Hornet #9

John Layman is one issue away from leaving Detective Comics, and Mark Waid's Green Hornet saga is now three-fourths of the way done. So this blog may as well be nicknamed the "outgoing writer" post.

The second part of the Gothtopia arc was largely Batman escaping from Arkham using the tricks he set in place in the second Batman Annual. It's yet another way John Layman has attempted to give a semblance of connectivity to this Batman Universe.

The art is solid, although with Jason Fabok not doing this issue, the art kind of felt like an attempt to be a lookalike. It was solid but not as great as it had been.

The story has a fairly large hole in that no one outside Gotham really seems to have noticed the city's acting oddly, but outside of that, a lot of good stuff is in place here.

I gave Detective Comics #28 a 7.5/10. It's definitely good and many will find it to be worthwhile, but for $4 people may want a little better.

Green Hornet was a solid read, although I wound up getting lost a few times because it was referencing past issues that were nearly a year ago. The scattered production schedule of this title is making my ability to review it much lower.

The art is solid, but there are some panels that just look ridiculous. Nonetheless, I could tell what they were trying to accomplish and Mark Waid's storytelling carries the book through.

I gave the book a 7.1/10 because I can objectively tell it's good. It's biggest problem is that it feels so disjointed because it takes too long to get out.

I'd actually suggest that people who haven't been following the title just wait until the trade so they can read the story in one shot.

As for those who have been reading it, I'd buy it since at this point I'm just curious how it will end in three issues.

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