Saturday, October 5, 2013

Legend of Korra Book 2, Chapter 5 review

Once again, it's time to talk about the Legend of Korra. My more detailed thoughts on the show, as well as my theory on where the season is probably going, is in the audio, but I will share a quick summary here as well.

 -- Congrats on somehow making Mako the likable person in this breakup with Korra. (Didn't know that was possible.) I go off on this in much more detail in the audio blog, but I basically said that Korra is a character you can empathize with, not sympathize with.

You can understand where she's coming from because she's young and had a sheltered lifestyle with ideals as to how the world should work. That said, her position is so myopic and so blind to other factors that she is hard to respect as someone who holds unbelievable levels of power and influence.

-- In the audio, I compare Mako's tantrums at people in late Book 1 to Korra's during this break-up. I am not equating the situations; I am merely saying that they're reactions to the situations at hand were proportional given the level of drama going on. If these two are a match in any way, it is their ability to throw hissy fits like 7-year-olds.

-- Bolin and Varrick's plot has gotten bizarre and only makes the situations at-hand worse when they actually have a bearing on the story. Oh, and Asami is wasted in this season.

-- Meelo and Tenzin had easily the best portion of the episode. While the material was rushed through, I love this family dynamic and I think seeing this family go about their lives is the kind of thoughtful, feelings-based writing Nickelodeon needs more of.

Overall, the show remains on that fence where it could be good and could be bad. This episode was about on par with all the others, but at some point this show needs to make its move into that high-level territory it hit toward the end of last year. If the last sequences are any indicator, though, business is about to pick up. As such, I will maintain cautious optimism about this show going from above average to epic by the end of the pending hour-long special.

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