Friday, October 18, 2013

Comic Book Reviews: Batman '66 #4, Batman & Robin #24, Blue Beetle #3

Let's talk my comics this week! My Blue Beetle review is audio exclusive and can be heard below with further recapping of the other two titles.

Batman '66 #4 used two villains that only saw a few appearances in the TV series, but it didn't lose a step in the process. If anything, having some fresher blood made this book even more fun.

This could easily be a sequel comic series to the 60s TV show because it's basically the show with a better sense of its world and the ability to do more high-budget stunts. I now really wish British Commissioner Gordon and the British Batmobile had been a thing on the show because it would have been a sight.

The art continues to be great and this is undoubtedly the best all-ages comics available. Seriously, BUY THIS.

Batman & Robin Two-Face #24 is mostly setup, so I can't say much of consequence until the arc fleshes out more. I will say that Patrick Gleason's art in the first four pages are among his best work ever, but with the changes made to Two-Face's origin (think Irish Mafia meets The Dark Knight) I can't say I'm thrilled with the direction here.

Still, the story looks like it has a direction, and the Tomasi-Gleason team has earned more than enough clout with me to be given a chance here. I'll keep you posted on how this turns out.

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