Thursday, June 12, 2014

FIFA World Cup picks

Yeah, there was no way I wasn't going to make picks before this started.

My actual thoughts on the groups and teams are in the actual video, but if you want a summary of my World Cup picks, below is the picks with no analysis.

Group A: Brazil wins, Croatia 2nd
Group B: Spain wins, Chile 2nd
Group C: Colombia wins, Ivory Coast 2nd
Group D: Italy wins, Uruguay 2nd
Group E: Ecuador wins, France 2nd
Group F: Argentina wins, Iran 2nd
Group G: Germany wins, USA 2nd
Group H: Belgium wins, South Korea 2nd

Round of 16: Brazil over Chile, Spain over Croatia, Uruguay over Colombia, Italy over Ivory Coast, Ecuador over Iran, Argentina over France, Germany over South Korea, Belgium over USA

Quarterfinals: Uruguay over Brazil, Spain over Italy, Germany over Ecuador, Argentina over Belgium

Semifinals: Uruguay over Germany, Spain over Argentina

3rd Place: Germany over Argentina

Final: Uruguay over Spain

Those are my picks, but what are yours? Leave them in the comments below or in my YouTube video's comments!

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