Friday, May 23, 2014

Voyage through the Doctor: Intro to Doctor Who reviews

Some of you will remember the recent "March of the Ponies" blogs. How could you forget? They dominated over this page for over a month.

Anyway, amid all that busy blogging was a review of the multiple fan-made Doctor Whooves audio series. The quality of those series actually got me to thinking: Maybe I should start watching the actual series to see if it's worth my time.

Now four seasons into the original series (when I start something, I start from the beginning), I can honestly say that I like the program. And I've decided to do reviews for the show!

Before I do, though, I want to go into some ground rules for how these reviews will work:

1. I will be reviewing by Doctor, not by season. This is for a few reasons. The first is that doing a blog for each season would drag down production of blogs pretty significantly, since I have quite a few things to discuss each review.

Another reason is that the format of review works better if I look at a Doctor's body of work as a whole, not segmented. Yet another is that the early seasons barely had real breaks so it's not like people were left hanging for a while. But probably the biggest reason is my second ground rule.

2. I will be initially skipping over arcs that aren't at least 75 percent complete.This is only an issue for the First and Second Doctors, but since nearly and eighth of all Doctor Who episodes are missing, there are a lot of early arcs that only have their audio. I have a site that has a running commentary with the stage direction, but I feel like my judgment of a Doctor's era should initially follow stories I can hear AND see.

That said, I am making some exceptions. The Second Doctor's first story and any arc that introduced/removed a companion will get a listen because I need to get a feel for the companion/doctor.

3. My format will be as follows: Thoughts on The Doctor reviewed, A brief review of each companion, Companion rankings, Worst Stories, Best Stories, Overall thoughts.

I will be doing this in text and video form. Here's hoping everyone has fun with this!

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