Thursday, August 29, 2013

Comic Book Reviews: Green Hornet #5 and Batman & Robin #23

Thanks to a delay at the comic store I frequent, I actually have two reviews to go through in the audio blog. Briefly, though, let me touch on the two books.

Green Hornet #5 advanced the story and was its typical enjoyable writing coupled with gorgeous art. Its biggest issue is that it throws a lot of subplots out at once and then pays them off quite a few pages later. That gets irritating because you have to go back and remember where the subplot left off. That tends to happen when information is fired at you so rapidly that you can't take it all in.

That said, the storyline is still really interesting and it's always badass to see Kato and the Hornet fight. Definitely worth picking up.

Batman and Robin Nightwing is a great finish to the 5 stages of grief thing Bruce has been going through. It gives a good payoff for Bruce and Alfred, though not as much for Dick. The art from Patrick Gleason is its usual greatness and I really do enjoy the heart Peter Tomasi puts into his work. It's worth looking at, especially if you've followed the arc or simply liked what you saw in the Batman and Robin Catwoman issue.

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