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Comic Book Reviews: Detective Comics #14 and Green Lantern #14

I LOVE voting!

That seems a little like a non sequitur, but thanks to my "I Voted" sticker, I was allowed one free comic, so I was very happy to be able to gain a second review this week.

And for those curious, the store where Batgirl is set for the pull box was shorted on Batgirl Annuals, so that review is coming... at some point. (Get on it, DC!)

Anyway, on to the reviews!

Detective Comics #14

Detective is taking an interesting stance in its latest arc in that while most books are focusing on one central villain and theme for a few issues, each villain is leading into another each month, with all the stories linking together. And it's an awesome idea.

Following the attack on Bruce Wayne at the end of last month's issue, Penguin knocks out the assassin before Bruce can even put his plan partially into action. This makes him look like more of a hero in Gothamites' minds and puts a temporary end to his part of the story.

This leads to a dialogue between Bruce and Damian (though for some reason Damian's dialogue sounds like a weird hybrid of Dick's and his own) and I see the second thing in Detective that I like: actual detective work.

Batman finds out that businesses owned by Penguin are the link in a series of attacks by Poison Ivy, who I guess left the Birds of Prey a few months back because she's an environmental zealot.

Deduction, seduction and scientific development dominated this story, and it was awesome. The back-up story also had real purpose, as it helped to explain the bizarre development revealed at the end of the main story.

I like the idea to make the back-up story a way to add depth to the main story has been a good call for this book the last couple of issues, and I hope that trend continues.

Overall, it was a very nicely done story that makes me want to see the next stage next month, even if I know it's going to get tossed around with the pending crossover issues over the next few months.

This isn't a bad jump-on point for new readers, and though it's not the strongest Batman book right now, it's finally at least worth the price of admission.

Green Lantern #14

The strangest thing here: My biggest debate is whether this book is better at $2.99 so it's more accessible or whether another dollar for eight more pages would be the best thing here.

That is an EXCELLENT position for a book to be in, as Green Lantern has hit a home run with Simon Baz. If this guy doesn't get to keep a solo book for himself, DC will have found yet another way to sacrifice money for the ability to piss people off. (A trait which will see itself discussed at length in a few weeks with my Batgirl Tribute, by the way)

Baz is absolutely amazing in this role and his meeting with the Justice League was perfect. The League was cordial enough to not spook Baz while still being the intimidating force they should be, and Baz reacted exactly how he should, with a desire to cooperate mixed with pure awe.

Also, because Baz really isn't a set Lantern yet, the crossover stuff is limited enough to get readers interested while not confusing them. The hippie Guardians appear to not be forgotten and I'm excited to see where their story goes, especially with a Black Lantern in their area.

Also, while the Third Army is basically an extension of the clearly corrupt current Guardians, they still feel threatening on their own. I like how the First Lantern is making sure the Guardians have to acknowledge his presence and I'm excited to see his reveal as well.

But the star of this book (as it should be) is Baz, as his story is the kind of origin that is so rare in an age of already-established heroes. If you can find Issue #13 and Issue #0, this man's story is just a great read.

It's already starting to reach that point where the arc will get too deep for new readers, so if you want a look, look now.

Death of the Family continues Wednesday. See you then!

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