Tuesday, October 30, 2012

NO! The Timberwolves are NOT too white!

I nearly had an aneurysm on two separate occasions today. The first came while I was listening to "Gridlock," a Las Vegas-based radio sports talk show, and they talked about stories like this one.

A fresh blend of American black, white and international talent? KILL IT!
If you don't want to click that link (and not doing so may be better for your well-being) the article basically talks about how there is outrage in Minnesota that ONLY one-third of the Minnesota Timberwolves NBA squad is Black. The other two-thirds are evenly split between American Whites and Europeans.

It is being called racially motivated in order to sell to the Minneapolis-St. Paul market.

Let me just answer this question right now: Are the Timberwolves too white? NO! NO! NO! WTF IS THIS CRAP?!

First off, let's get into what this insinuation implies. First, it implies that because the NBA is 75 percent Black, teams have to meet a quota well above 50 percent or else it's racially motivated.

A third of this team – 5 out of 15 players – is black, including one of the team's two star players (Brandon Roy). The team is in the business of winning in order to generate profit; clearly hiring black athletes isn't an issue.

Second, even though we've been continuing to hear about the growing skill of international players, and GMs like that they may come cheaper, this implies that black NBA players are SO genetically superior to white ones that you couldn't possibly be hiring these players to be effective within the salary cap and win games.

I'd just note that Kevin Love is the other star of this team. He's an American white and he is awesome. It will be a work trying to keep him around if the team is not winning and can't pay him well. OF COURSE the team is trying to win and save cap room for that day!

Lastly, even if we assume that what they're saying is true, that Minnesota is pandering to the white people by hiring talent on race and not talent, Minneapolis-St. Paul is a town that seeks winners and town pride, not to feel similar.

The Twins' attendance dropped off when they started to suck. The Wild had decent attendance, but it took off when they started winning. The Vikings have had support whether Dennis Green or Mike Tice was coach; whether Randall Cunningham or Gus Frerotte was quarterback.

Heck, even the Timberwolves got HUGE numbers there with Kevin Garnett and Latrell freaking Sprewell!

If the talent is SUCH a bad move, they'll start losing, the town will grow tired of them and they'll have to make moves to fix the team. By saying they're pandering, you'd have to think that your city is the most patently racist that they'll take losing as long as more whites are on the court than blacks.

It says great things about our society that we've reached the point that white is no longer the status quo in all aspects of life.

At the same time, however, it says terrible things no matter what the status quo is, those involved will throw massive tantrums if their position is questioned.

This b.s. was wrong in the 1960s when Don Haskins was mocked for having a mostly black Texas Western basketball team, and it's wrong here and now.

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