Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Comic Book Reviews: Batman Eternal #23, Batman (Futures End) #1 and Superman Unchained #8

Scott Snyder is taking up my entire review day, whether he writes or plots, with comics.

Superman Unchained has suddenly gotten back on track and now only has one issue left, so maybe we'll get the end of the story by Halloween (or at least the end of the year).

The art remains its glorious self and the actual story is finally coming together. I felt like the random appearance of Jimmy Olsen's plotline felt really shoe-horned, but there was clearly an idea for how this stuff was supposed to tie together, and it works. It's really just the pacing that limited it.

The fight scene between Superman and Wraith was epic and really showcased Supes at his best and most competent. It also may have ruined Superman: Doomed for me because it reminded me that Superman is smart enough to be able to avoid all the stuff that went down in "Death of Superman" and "Doomed."

Overall, I thought it was the best issue of the day. I give it an 8.4/10.

Batman Eternal was a strong plot issue, but it was so focused on being big and bombshell-heavy that I'm not sure it all flows perfectly.

I did like the art, though Catwoman's face seemed a tad blocky, and I am interested to see how she responds to the request made to her.

For more spoiler-filled thoughts, check the video, and much of my opinion will be shaped by future issues. But for now, know that I enjoyed the story and give it a 7.8/10.

The Futures End tie-in for Batman was the weakest element in the entire stable today. It works significantly better as a tie-in to the "Number 27" future story that was in January's Detective Comics issue.

This even having the potential to be canon is upsetting for me, as the characterization for Bruce was irritating. The villain's character was off-point. I'm not a fan of the ending and the art portrays everyone as WAY too old given this is only five years in the future.

Some of you may enjoy this, and good for you. For me, it's a 4.9/10.

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