Thursday, September 19, 2013

Legend of Korra reviews: Book 2, Chap. 1-2

It's the return of the most socially awkward character on television, Korra!

This season, I want to give my thoughts on the episodes as they come out, much like I have been with the Ultimate Fighter on the MMA blog.

I'll say right now, this is the longest audio blog I'm going to do all season because I spend the first seven minutes catching up my opinions of the previous season. Additionally, it's two episodes that are reviewed, so this one clocks in as a fairly long blog.

That said, I think it'll be nice to talk about some Avatar stuff that isn't the comic series. From here on in, I also will be giving my opinions before I watch the Legend of Korra vlogs on Channel Awesome or the Dongbu Feng podcast. I do bring each up in this blog because they already have given better lines about some of the plot points than I could muster.

So yeah, if you want a massive amount of Korra thoughts, that vlog, that podcast, IGN's text reviews, and of course this audio blog will give you a nice, diverse set of thoughts.

Anyway, blog is below. Enjoy!

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