Thursday, September 19, 2013

Comic Reviews: Batman '66 #3 and JLA: A League of One

I have a lot of blogs to do this week, so they're all in audio form. This week's comic is Batman '66 #3.

I'll have more in-depth thoughts, plus my promised review of JLA: A League of One in the audio, but very briefly, I will say that Batman '66 continues to prove to be the best comic out today this week.

There's legitimate fun to be had in every issue and the Cesar Romero Joker in this one is just amazing, and there are some nice Easter eggs from the main DCU in this one.

Plus there's an Egghead story. A Vincent Price Egghead story! And it's the exact amount of awesome you'd want from a story like that. Seriously, if any book is worth the money, it's this one. Get the weekly web comic if you can, but if not, this print version is just fine.

Anyway, review is above. Enjoy!

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