Thursday, July 18, 2013

Comic Book Reviews: Batman '66 #1, Batman & Robin #22 (Batman & Catwoman) and Justice League of America #6

B&R and JLA will be reviewed in audio form below, but I do want to give credit where credit is due with Batman 66 #1 in printed form.

This is a book that could have simply been a nostalgic cash-in, and I'm sure many will see it that way. But those people will be the ones who still look at the Silver Age of Comic Books as a detriment to DC's characters; those who see the logical leaps made as a detriment to the story instead of as the very core of the style.

Batman 66 isn't just a near-perfect call-back to the original Adam West and Burt Ward series; it's a near-perfect call-back to the entire Silver Age style. It's goofy and the concept of a grand treasure being hidden in a statue that has been in public and available to touch at all times makes no sense in this world, but who really cares?

This is what the escapist style of the 60s was all about. It didn't have to make sense in our world because the writers understood that nothing in superhero comics could happen in our world. They accepted the insanity and had fun with it, and that's what the 60s Batman understood wholly.

It was almost a satire of the style and constantly made fun of itself, but the characters were so likable and the problems/solutions were so creative and surprisingly well thought out that the jumps in logic that were necessary tended to be forgivable.

The art style is the show at its absolute best and the writing was perfectly in-character for most of the main cast. This is also the first true Riddler story I've seen in the last few years, so I'm absolutely a fan of that.

This is a must-buy book for anyone who loved the old style of comic writing and who wants to just get away from the brooding, dark nature of most books today. This is a complete 180 compared to the current stuff in the main DCU, and it executes as well as any of those titles.

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  1. I picked this up also. Love it. The only time over-the-top cheese works is when it's done intentionally so (Sharknado, anyone?). I hope this series continues for a long time. Sometimes the world can use a little fun.