Sunday, July 8, 2012

Some updates on my comic reviews

So for those who don't know me directly, I recently got hired to work at the main newspaper in my home-metropolis of Las Vegas.
As such, my schedule will need to become more streamlined after this month. I've already pretty much set up a specific workout regimen for my martial arts training, and now I need to figure out when my blogs will be able to come out.

MMA blog followers will be glad to know that I have no intention of cutting any UFC previews and  I will give thoughts on the major events. However, Bellator previews may be merely picks for the most part.

On this blog, I will still review two weeks a month; however, I won't be doing anymore wild card picks, as they are too difficult to maintain since I have to research the storylines. Additionally, I am considering cutting Batgirl from my reviews because of the five titles, it is currently the weakest and I want to get down to two reviews a week.

If the audience wants me to continue with Batgirl, though, feel free to leave comments and maybe I'll keep the book on tap.

For those who came for Batman, Batman & Robin, Red Hood & the Outlaws or Nightwing, nothing will be changing. Those four will still be reviewed regularly.

Additionally, with the new Dark Knight film coming out in two weeks, look for me to do some reviews of the previous Batman films, from the original 1966 film to both entries of the current trilogy.

Hopefully I'll be able to budget some time well once I have my schedule set, and this blog will have a pretty solid schedule by August.

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