Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Comic Book Reviews: January Catch-up

So you're probably wondering where all the reviews have been. Well I can tell you, they're here!

Yeah, I was dealing with some stuff for a while there, but it's time to get back into the groove. As promised, I have a new ratings scale when it comes to reviewing comics. It is quality based, but more on how much a reader needs to pick up the book.

Only the second book titled Detective Comics #27 published.
Here's a rough idea of what the numbers mean:

0- A completely failed issue. Nothing was accomplished the way it was meant to be.
1- Terrible issue. Maybe one sequence worked and it's really only worth purchasing if you REALLY want the full collection
2- Same as a 1 except it provides some plot worth noting for future issues, or has something that redeems it.
3- Bad issue. No one would defend the issue, but fans of the character may enjoy it simply because it's their character.
This Miller-esque panel was a nice touch by Greg Capullo.
4- Sub-par issue. Certain tastes may find it enjoyable, but it's not a book anyone can just pick up and enjoy.
5- Average issue. Some will like, some won't. I'd advise reading it in the store before purchasing.
6- Decent issue. Fans of the character will rate it as good while casual readers would probably be turned off.
7- Solid issue. Skim in the store to see if it's worth the money, but at the very least it's worth keeping up with what happened.
8- Worth buying. Customers won't feel short-changed, it should be read, but it's not necessary to buy it.
9- Must-buy. Absolutely worth the price of admission. A satisfying read all-around.
10- Must-own. At this point the book should probably be considered for Issue of the Year.

I just reviewed 10 books in the audio, but here is a rundown of the numbers.
Book of the month so far

Detective Comics #27: 9/10
Green Arrow #27: 9.1/10
Action Comics #27: 8.25/10
Batwing #27: 7.5/10
Batgirl #27: 5/10
Nightwing #27: 5.5/10
Batman '66 #7: 8.75/10
Samurai Jack #4: 8.25/10
Birds of Prey #27: 7/10
Batman #27: 9/10

I'm looking at the schedule for this week's books, and I don't see a Green Hornet book scheduled. The only books I may pick up are the Catwoman Gothtopia tie-in (though I'm genuinely concerned about giving that title readership before I see a different review) and the Batman & Robin Annual #2.

If I wind up picking one or both up, there will be a review this week. If not, there will still be another review blog this week, but it will be a catch-up on Blue Beetle issues (I'd be reviewing #14-17.) And yes, I will start giving rating numbers to the Blue Beetle books if you're curious.

I am on Twitter and Facebook. Stay tuned for a catch-up blog of the recent Arrow episodes this week as well!

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