Friday, November 15, 2013

Comic Book Reviews: Batman #25 and Nightwing #25

I have Zero Year tie-ins backed up all over the place today! Let's talk Batman and Nightwing. Mostly, it's in audio, but I'll leave brief thoughts below as well.

Batman #25 is an excellent elevation from where the last issue left off.
It chooses to focus on Dr. Death of all people instead of Riddler, but the villain surprisingly holds his own. I also now feel intrigued as to what happened between Bruce Wayne and Jim Gordon. The art is amazing and it is definitely the best book this week.

Nighwing #25 is a colossal disappointment and comes off feeling like filler. There's nothing wrong with the story told. It's just astoundingly generic and has no true tie-in to the Batman story. None of the three this week really do, but at least you're dealing with the psychology of the people in Gotham. Here is a story just about Dick and nothing of real consequence at that (save maybe the relationship between the Maronis and the circus being started). Nothing terrible, but nothing worth buying or even glancing at.

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