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Comic Book Reviews: Justice League of America #1

In a true throwback to the ultra-complex 1990s comics universe, DC Comics has decided to run a second Justice League faction (not including JL Dark, of course), and it was honored with a #1 issue packaged in FIFTY-THREE cover variants.

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Yeah, they're doing a cover with the American flag, as well as the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico and all 50 states.

If this isn't a money grab, I don't know what is. I personally will not try to collect all them, and only bought the American Flag version to read, and a Nevada flag as a collectible. (Like Nevada's flag is going on many other books in the future.)

But anyway, how is the actual title? It's actually pretty good, although I can't get a good read on it yet since this was just introducing the characters.

Basically, everyone in the U.S. goverment is scared out of their minds by the fact that the Justice League could go rogue thanks to the whole Aquaman "Throne of Atlantis" event.

As such, Amanda Waller (who reads better here than in that awful Suicide Squad book) and Steve Trevor begin discussions on the new Justice League of America, a group brought together not because they work well as a team, but because each member is a foil for a JL counterpart.

The first hero introduced is Hawkman, who is portrayed in a FAR more sane manner in this book than in his own. This is by far the best Hawkman appearance in the New 52, and it looks like they consider him a foil for Aquaman.

Katana (formerly of the Birds of Prey) is introduced as Wonder Woman's counterpart and appears to be the most badass person on this team.

Vibe, who for some reason is now getting his own title, will be Flash's counterpart and he comes across as a young, fresh-faced hero who has a Peter Parker-esque moral code.

Stargirl (Cyborg's counterpart) makes her New 52 debut here as a Hollywood girl who came into some awesome powers. She's got a good nature and I look forward to reading about her, although it looks from this book that she'll be upset with the minimal role Waller's group wants to give her.

Obviously, most everyone knows Martian Manhunter (Superman's counter) and his history, and he is written reasonably well (if not a little stand-offish). He could be better, but then again, I've never been blown away by his uses in comics.

The Simon Baz Green Lantern is going to be Hal Jordan's counter, and I've already said in other reviews how great Baz is, so I look forward to reading more about him. Green Arrow was to be Batman's counter, but he had another plot in this book that I really hope makes more sense in context that will come later.

Lastly, Steve Trevor decides a better counter for Batman is needed, so he calls... Catwoman? I will say this: The rationale they give for her agreeing makes sense, and I'm thrilled the character is being written by someone competent. But this is surreal and I can't say I want to see Catwoman in the JLA.

On the whole, it's a by-the-numbers introduction of characters and I look forward to seeing where this book goes next. I'd buy it, and I'd find my home state's cover to boot. It's just awesome to see.

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