Friday, January 11, 2013

Scott Lobdell removes the Hood; leaves RHATO to James Tynion

Imagine my surprise this morning when I went onto Facebook when Scott Lobdell posted via ComicVine that he would be leaving the Red Hood and the Outlaws title after Issue #18.

Newsarama immediately got an interview with replacement writer James Tynion IV posted regarding the direction the series will be taking starting in April.

Let me just take a moment to thank Scott Lobdell in advance for all the work he's put into this title. The book has certainly had its fair share of haters. (Heck, I'm pretty sure Linkara still wants the premiere issue on his 'Atop the Fourth Wall' program.)

And I have no problem saying it took him some time to get all three's stories balanced in the book or to bring Starfire's competent, badass warrior character in the story. But for all the hate on it, Lobdell created a nice story that was pure escapist fun.

I'm still rooting for Isabel to survive because of her awesomeness in the space arc. Red Hood feels like a true anti-hero and emotionally compelling for the first time since 'Under the Hood.' Roy Harper, who never interested me in the slightest in any variation, is fun for me for the first time ever.

And Starfire... well, he's at least portrayed her well enough. And the dynamic with Blackfire is actually interesting in that it's not taking the usual path. Much respect for the re-imagining there.

What bugs me is that he said his schedule forced him to drop a book. Why not Teen Titans? I mean, yeah, it's a higher book in terms of status, but it's also his worst book critically.

Between the Culling and DOTF crossovers, I have to actively avoid a major team book altogether. Kudos to those fans, though, I guess.

Tynion IV sounds like he has some interesting ideas in store, but much like when I heard Gail Simone was leaving Batgirl, I'll have to see a work sample before I decide if I want to continue it in my review rotation.

Until then, best of luck with Superman, Lobdell. And thanks for setting up this book nicely in the New 52.

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