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Comic Book Reviews: Amazing Spider-Man #699 and thoughts on World's Finest #6-7

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The final arc of Amazing Spider-Man took a big risk at its beginning by (spoilers) switching out Peter's consciousness with Doc Ock's. This issue takes another by focusing more on Peter in Ock's body and not on Ock in Peter's body at all.

And it worked, actually. Peter's thoughts are the bigger concern and so I was glad that he got the focus and the story could develop.

I think the only real complaint in the storytelling Peter gives as he searches through Ock's consciousness is that we all had to bear witness to Ock banging Aunt May. Peter's reaction is hilarious, but the image in readers' heads must be horrifying.

Anyway, Peter unlocks the memory as to how the switch was made and uses Ock's resources before it is too late. There's an interesting dialogue with The Lizard, and I hope the next series dives into that more.

Also interesting is the thought of both Peter's and Ock's consciousnesses melding with each other. It could be a compelling storyline later on, should both survive.

The art here is serviceable, though it is still horrible to look at Ock's degenerated body. It's just a really excessive, gruesome image.

I doubt the changes that will be made after next issue are permanent, but I definitely want to see how this ends. I genuinely hope that after providing Peter with a montage of pain and misery for 700 issues, he can finally end in a happy place.

Some quick thoughts

Briefly, I do want to talk about Huntress' crossover with Robin in World's Finest #6-7.

In case you hadn't heard, New 52 Huntress is actually Helena Wayne, Batman's daughter and Robin on Earth-2. The main Earth's Robin is Damian Wayne, Batman's son.

As such, the fights and dialogue are really interesting, and I loved how Damian was written here. He really has come into his own as Robin and I hope this dynamic stays in place for a while.

Helena is more relaxed, most likely due to her mother's personality coming from Catwoman instead of Talia al'Ghul. Helena doesn't respect Damian's more extreme behavior and that leads to trouble between the two.

Overall, though, their mutual respect is seen by the end and the story is really fun. I wasn't big on the Power Girl stuff, though it is interesting to see how Kara's development in Supergirl will lead her to be different than Earth-2's Kara in this book.

Not really worth buying because Kara's storyline is joined in the middle and that half of the book is hard to follow, but definitely read over the Damian-Helena storyline in the store. It's the kind of fun I'd hope for from that type of crossover.

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