Monday, March 26, 2012

Yet another addition to "Night of the Owls"

The power of Google, kids. The power of Google.

This story is more than a month old, but only by typing in specific keywords did I come across it.

It would appear that now Detective Comics, and writer Tony Daniel, are getting involved with the "Night of the Owls" crossover.

This contradicts early reports that the book was not involved and was, in fact, going to feature the return of Two-Face. Instead, my guess is it's getting put off for another month to do this piece about Batman rescuing Jeremiah Arkham from a Talon.

It's certainly a surprise, but given the circumstances of Daniel's plot, a month more to flesh out his plans may be a good thing. He's at the point where a new arc is just getting going, so this month would be a great time to make his story really stand out.

I have had a love-hate relationship with Daniel's work so far. Although nothing has been offensively bad, he started so notably with the Joker in Issue #1 that the issues haven't really matched the interest.

It really has made Scott Snyder stand out, though. His NOTO storyline only kicks off the arc, which will go through Issue #12, and it sounds like the next two arcs are planned out pretty well too. This means that those of you who are enjoying his work (why wouldn't you be) have at least another year of solid, A-material.

Another point to make is that this event is ever-expanding and now will involve 10 of the 11 active Bat-titles. Only Batwoman is not tied in to the NOTO at this point (though if the issues of the title I've seen are any indicator, that may be for the best, as I couldn't tell what the hell was happening. For more on this, read my upcoming review of Batwoman #8 this April.)

Additionally, this brings the number of May books involved to 12 - the 10 titles, All-Star Western and the Batman Annual.

At this point, buying all 12 elements in May will cost between $40-$45, so I expect a lot of competing for purchasing. Add in the fact that Batman, Inc. restarts alongside five other books that month, and Issues #3 and #4 of the Avengers and X-Men crossover will be that month, and May is starting to look like a very difficult month to choose what books to buy.

Then again, I'd rather have this problem than more than a dozen stagnating stories, so you won't hear complaints from me.

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