Friday, January 20, 2012

Comic Book Reviews: Batman #5, Nightwing #5, and Red Hood & The Outlaws #5

Sorry for the delay on this one, but the first week of school had me busy. I finally got around to reading these books, so let's get to the reviews!

Batman #5

I know most of you are here to read about this book, but I do hope after I review Batman, you do stick around for the other two. That said, I can't say I blame you - this book was BRILLIANT.

In what has been the best book I've seen since the reboot, this story begins in the Court of Owls' maze, where evidently Batman has been wandering for a week slowly losing his mind.

It's amazing to watch the Batman lose it, realize he's losing it, but still have the Bat-cajones to think he's still in complete control of the situation.

Other reviewers have probably talked the art style to death for this one, but honestly, it deserves all the praise in the world. The panels are flipped so you have to read sideways, upside down and even anime-style (right to left). It really does reflect Batman's confusion, as even I had to read twice just to make sure I read it right.

The best part of this book, though, was the Robin cameo and his obvious worry for his dad really gave this book a great emotional level, and I thoroughly recommend Batman #5.

Nightwing #5
I love the art in this particular installment, but the story just screamed "filler episode."

In this, Nightwing went to New Orleans with the circus and he has to protect one of the circus clowns from a vengeful voodoo-priestess lover and the demon she summoned.

That's pretty much the focus of this whole book.

I love the take on the Nightwing in this title and the main arc has been great, but this was just way too out there.

It felt like they were just looking for a way to delay the payoff for another month, and maybe that's so the arc can finish in time for the "Night of the Owls" special. That's not going to make this a big-deal story, though.

I'd still read this book, especially for the side story with Dick's romantic life and the big cliff-hanger reveal on the final page, but if you don't buy filler books, here's one.

Red Hood and the Outlaws #5

I said in the last review that Red Hood should have his own book if Starfire and Arsenal were going to continue to drag the story down, but this book did provide a glimpse as to how this book could work.

With Starfire powerless and cowering at the mercy of Crux, Arsenal fires arrows and self destructs them to take him out. There's actually some character development on all three characters this go-around, but I still feel like Crux sucks as a villain in general and the Outlaws' side story should have closer ties to Jason's.

Meanwhile, Jason has found new motivation to fight that isn't the Joker and Batman, and his brutal killing of the member of "The Untitled" sparks an angry mob when they see her human form destroyed.

Jason Todd will eventually need to re-learn the dangers of collateral damage, it would seem.

Overall, I liked the story, and it's probably the first or second-best book in the series. The first minor arc really ends here, so I'd recommend getting involved with this book and this is a good one to get a feel for the series before the next arc begins.

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